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  • Serious Bread Bakery & Store

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  • Serious Bread Retail Store

  • Serious Bread Retail Store

  • Serious Bread Retail Store

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What are Handmade
Artisan Breads?

Artisan breads are exactly what the name suggests: breads that are crafted, rather than mass produced. Baked in small batches rather than on a vast assembly line, artisan breads differ from prepackaged supermarket loaves in a number of ways. Special attention to ingredients, processes and a return to the fundamentals of age-old bread-making tradition set artisan breads apart from the soft, preservative-laden commercial breads we've become accustomed to eating.

Artisan Breads are
Chemical Free

No chemicals were added to the breads baked by ancient Egyptians or those mentioned throughout the Bible and none are added to our artisan breads now.

The Artisan Bread Process

The process of crafting and baking an artisan bread remains largely the same now as then. Quality ingredients are mixed, slowly fermented, hand shaped and baked in small batches.

Aritisan Bread Examples

Examples of artisan breads include the country French loaf, semolina bread, whole-grain farm-style bread, flavored focaccia, stoneground wheat bread and ciabatta.

Artisan Bread Ingredients

For a more complex, flavored artisan bread, the ingredients list might expand to include various other items, all of them recognizable: sliced onions, cheddar cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil, among others.

Artisan Bread Shelf Life

Because artisan bread is made without chemical additives, it tends to have a much shorter shelf-life than mass-produced, prepackaged, store-bought bread. It should be eaten within a day or two of purchase or frozen for extended storage. Please see the Bread care section on the About our Breads page.

About Us

I was raised in the West, where sourdough bread is king. This bread has good taste and texture. In the years after college, I spent a lot of my time in Europe, enjoying their many wonderful breads.

Upon returning home I was faced with the dilemma of finding good bread, that earthy kind I'd learned to love overseas. Whenever I returned to Mississippi from a California vacation, one of my suitcases would be loaded with sourdough bread or I would get a care package at Christmas containing sourdough bread. In the end, I always ran out and became faced with my bread problem. About 10 years ago, I visited my sister-in-law Sharon in San Diego. She was making this great bread ... and... so I started to bake.

In my other life, I was an oceanographer and towards the end of my career I took a bread class at King Arthur Flour to see if I really wanted to bake better bread. I followed this up with a week at the John Campbell Folk School learning about sourdoughs. My wife and I then went to Colorado and learned about starters, more sourdough and New York bagels.

Old time bread making is generally considered a lost art. We make our Serious Breads from scratch and do a lot of hand kneading. Most of our bread is made with a poolish or a biga. We've found doing it this way provides the bread with a better taste and texture. In other words, good healthy eating, that’s what we're all about.

Serious Bread Offerings

Actual photos of Serious Bread offerings.

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Bread Care


These breads contain no preservatives and usually last about 4 days without refrigeration. You can refrigerate the bread to last longer. However, it is better to freeze.

Highly Recommended Frozen Slice Method:
To maintain the freshness, cut the bread into slices and freeze in a zip lock bag. Frozen sliced bread can go from the freezer to the toaster to enhance the flavor of the grains. Slices may also be thawed and used for sandwiches, etc.

Frozen Whole Loaf Method:
Wrap the loaf in aluminum foil. Bake frozen, in the aluminum foil, at 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes. You'll have the taste and aroma of freshly baked bread!

(A frozen whole loaf can also be thawed for 2 hours to use as you please.)

Where to buy Serious Breads

Serious Breads (and other Seriously Delicious items) are always available at the Serious Bread Bakery 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Tuesday thru Sunday (click here for a map)

And at the following Farmers Markets

Michoud Farmers Market
13800 Old Gentilly Road
New Orleans, LA 70129
Every Other Wednesday 10AM-2PM
(call 228.231.1214 for dates)

The John C. Stennis Space Center
1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month
10 AM 'til 2 PM

The Long Beach Farmers Market
Jeff Davis Ave, Long Beach, MS
Saturdays 9 AM 'til 1 PM

The Ocean Springs Farmers Market
At the Depot, Ocean Springs, MS
Saturdays 9 AM 'til 1 PM

The Pass Christian Farmers Market
Veterans Park, Pass Christian, MS
Saturdays 9AM 'til Noon

What our customers have to say

Donna Warburton
"Best scones and flatbread. Out of this world."

Chelsea Tyner Floyd
"This place is like me and my husbands second home...
always love hanging out with the wonderful people of this place!!
The food (all of it) is AMAZING!!"

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